Sunday, October 25, 2009

WOW, it's been way too long

I am the worst blogger in the world! Brody is almost a year and a half and I haven't blogged anything about it! I apologize for that..

So on to Brody.
Wow has he grown this year!
In celebration of him being 17 months, here are 17 things about him:

~He is 17 months old
~He is wearing 18-24 month clothing
~He is walking up a storm
~He tries to run, not to fast
~He pees and poos in the potty some days, others nope
~He goes to "school" on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the library
~He use to eat anything, now we are lucky is he eats 1 full meal
~He just learned how to BOOOOOOOOO like a cow and woof like a dog
~Other words he says: Momma, Daddeeeee,og for dog, and tells us no
~He sleeps through the night and wakes up anytime between 8:30 and 10 am
~He loves being outside and taking rides in his push car
~Likes to wear funny thing on his. Pots, Lego covers, robes, headbands
~He copies everything. he copies Ron when he does his work out. He copies me when I brush my hair
~ He is a ladies man!!! He will turn as far around as he would to look at a ladies walk by. He kisses girls at the library...
~ He has become quite the climber! He can get in to his rocking chair, the couch, the dining room chairs, and the stairs.. He is my little monkey
~ We are working on cleaning up. weather it is cleaning up all the food,pots, pans, plates he took out of the cabinets or picking up his million toys that he has. He helps and gets so excited about it!
~ He signs for please and thank you. They happen to be the same signs..

That is just a few things he is doing! He has the best laugh and the cutest smile. We are so proud to have him... It is amazing that 17 months ago he was being born....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 Months Today!

Can you believe it! Brody is 7 months! It is weird to think this time last year I was pregnant with him.... I am so exicted to see him next week opening his christmas gifts...

I havent taken his " I am 7 months" picture yet. but I did get a pretty great picture of him on his hands and knees!! Go Brody!!!

Brody has been a little pickle today. i am thinking he is over tired from the lack of sleep last night. I decided to try pumpkin on him. He ate it and than a few hours later i went in to check him after many little crys and he had pooed him self... it wasent a lot but i could tell my little man was in gas hell... So he slept with us last night. I how ever did not get any sleep because between Ron, Brody and Victoria hogged the bed.

Tonight will be a better night... I hope!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

6 month Photo!

O no!

We have a little man that is starting to slowly get up on his knees!!! yeah Brody! i cant wait to see him try to take him first crawl!!! He is getting so big! I am just in love with him more and more every day!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

What a week!

Brody has had a busy week.
He had his 6 month appt on Wednesday. He is a big guy!!!
20lbs (80%)
27 inches (55%)
head is 17 1/2 I don't remember the %

The Dr said he is very strong and can see him crawling soon. I better get a jump on baby proofing, just in case.
He received 4 shots and did great. He cried for a few minutes but I think that was due to it being past his nap time.
Now the suckie part of Brody's wee. During his appt I spoke to the Dr regarding a concern I had with Brody. He has hair down there. So I asked her about and she was like "o Erin it is probably just peach fuzz". Then she opened his diaper and was like wow! So she sent us to go get blood drawn to check his hormone levels.
so off to the hospital we go...
Brody do as well as he could getting his blood drawn. They had 2 techs in there one to hold his arm down and the other to draw. It took a good 5 minutes to find a vein. Brody started to get cranky, he holding his and someone else holding his arm down, he was getting down right pissed. Finally they found a vein and Brody started to cry, they hadn't even poked him yet, than they did and he went ballistic! Crying screaming, but no tears, than his eyes rolled back and he was quite! I freaked out, then after what felt like forever he woke back up and screamed again. I thought they were done when they took the needle out, so I picked him up and they were like, "we didn't get enough, we need more"..! What! are you kidding me! So on to the next arm. Brody did not like this and instantly the big crocodile tears shot out from his eyes and he turned beat red.......after digging around in his arm for what again felt like for ever they finally found the vein and started the blood draw again. With in a few seconds Brody again went quite and eyes went back in his head. With in a few seconds he woke and started screaming again... My poor baby, did he pass out 2 times during this whole ordeal? I feel so helpless. Finally they were done with the draw and I picked him up and he looked at the nurse and smiled at her, cocked his head and than proceeded to puke on her! LOL that's my boy....

We are awaiting the results!

On a good note Brody saw Santa yesterday!! He did awesome!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008