Sunday, May 18, 2008

He's Here!

Baby Brody is here! 3 weeks early! here is his story!

well it started with my water breaking at 10 in the morning yesterday. i was thirsty and ready to get up and go for a walk before i had to go to work, well i got my drink and suddenly felt like i had to puke, so i dry heaved and Ron came out to see if i was OK, and suddenly i felt a pop and GUSH!!! water came out every where, i am not kidding it was a massive amount! so after freaking out for a second i called my Dr and they told me to ge to the hospital. well a hr later we left. i had to clean the floor and pack a bag because i wasn't ready at all!!!! than Ron had to use the bathroom and brush his teeth. lol so off we go and alli could think of was, i have to get a hold of someone from the baby board to post that my water broke, lol so i called Liz!

we got to the hospital and another huge gush of water came out as we were walking in to the er, got registered and up to l&d. the resident went to check me and didn't even have to do the test because i was leaking so bad, i was 4 cm and 60 %. so off we go to our room. they got me hooked up to the monitor and wouldn't let me walk around until he showed some movement that he was moving down. so at 2 pm they told me i could walk until 2 30. so around the halls we went and around and around. 2 30 we went back and checked me again still 4 cm 70%, that is when they told me they wanted to start pictocin since we didn't have a whole lot of time to let my body do it its self. so they started it. things were good, could breath through it fine, o lets up it ok getting stronger pain still good. and they upped it again!that's when it started to get painful,that was from 4 to 7 pm. still only 4 cm. grrrrrr. so i finally said i would like the epi. got it, the darn Dr that did it was trying to ask me all these questions right in the middle of contractions!! i was so mad i wanted to tell him to shut the f up!!! so they started the epi and i was able to rest for a while at 8 i think they checked me and i was 7 cm and petty much 100% she could stretch it around the head if she wanted to. asked if i wanted to do some practice pushes, we decided to let me go another hr on my own since progress was being made. so at 10 it was time to start pushing!!! couldn't feel anything really because of the epi so i was doing great. he was progressing down. than 2 hours in to pushing i head beep beep beep, my epi ran out!!!! so for the last hour i was pushing with no meds!!! as much as it sucked it really helped because i could really feel what was going on. so i pushed and pushed and finally i hear OK stop pusking and give little grunts and pushes. his head was right there, but they wanted to let the skin stretch more so it wouldn't tear. it was the longest 5 mons of my life, but finally i felt relief and his head was out and one more push he was out!!! at 1 38 am!!
they took him over to the warmer right away due to breathing issues but a few mins later they put him on m chest and i am in love!!! they took him back over a few mins later because his temp was really high.
i did tear a little bit so they sewed me up.

so here we are now. Bordy was born at 1 38 pm 6 lbs 9 oz 20 inches. his poor head is a little bruised, but looking great! he is however having problems eating. he cant seem to get the sucking motion down so we are having problems trying to breast feed, we try every 3 house with a shield but doesn't work, so i have been pumping to at least get the colostrum out to he cant try with a bottle. he is slowly very slowly getting the hang of the bottle but ends up spitting more than half back out. they are talking about a tube if he doesn't get enough... he hasn't pooped yet and only a few wet diapers. i am trying to be strong but i cant help but cry because i feel bad he isn't getting food right now. tomorrow a special Dr is going to come and do something, like massage his skull or something. when i find out what exactly what she will be doing i will update, but it is suppose to help baby's that might have been stuck in the birth canal to long. looks like i will be here until Monday, i thought my ins only covered 24 hrs but it is 48. so that is good it will give Brody more time to learn how to suck and me time to heal!
thanks you everyone for your wished and prayers. and when i get my cord to transfer pics from my camera to computer i will post pics. if anyone wants to visit us at metro feel free!!!!!


Heather said...

congrats Erin and Ron!!! I'm glad that you are both healthy and pray that he will continue to gain strength and start eating well (and that you will heal quickly).

mom of 5 said...

Happy Birthday Brody!
Congratulations, mom and dad!!