Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am totally hormonal today! Brody spent the night at my parents last night! it was great. i got to sleep, play on the computer for a few. slept all night! it was awesome! so today i was at work excited to see the little bugger when i get home. well my parents asked if they could keep him another night.. i decided to let them since they don't see him often. i am sitting here wanting to cry! i miss him sooo much! it is great to have another night with just Ron and i but i miss my baby.
it amazes me how much you can love something so small. i worry he wont remember me when he sees me. i know he will but i worry he misses me and i am not there.
i just miss my little man.

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Christina said...

Aww! I would feel the same way. Don't worry, he will remember you!