Wednesday, December 17, 2008

7 Months Today!

Can you believe it! Brody is 7 months! It is weird to think this time last year I was pregnant with him.... I am so exicted to see him next week opening his christmas gifts...

I havent taken his " I am 7 months" picture yet. but I did get a pretty great picture of him on his hands and knees!! Go Brody!!!

Brody has been a little pickle today. i am thinking he is over tired from the lack of sleep last night. I decided to try pumpkin on him. He ate it and than a few hours later i went in to check him after many little crys and he had pooed him self... it wasent a lot but i could tell my little man was in gas hell... So he slept with us last night. I how ever did not get any sleep because between Ron, Brody and Victoria hogged the bed.

Tonight will be a better night... I hope!

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kristen said...

Aww, happy 7 month, Brody!