Sunday, March 16, 2008

Here We Go

So we found out about 7 months ago we were going to be parents!!! I should have started this back than, but didn't even think about it. SO here i am starting with 84 days to go. I am kind of excited to blog about this, i have had a bit of anxiety about becoming a mom. Me Erin a mom. wow how am I going to teach my little guy about life when I feel I haven't yet begun to navigate through it yet. Good thing Ron has a good head on his shoulders to help me with this big new task....

So how have I been doing so far? Great. First trimester wasn't bad at all. No morning sickness at all..... tired all the time yes! But no throwing up!! I hate throwing up.
2nd trimester went just as smooth, lots of energy, feeling great. Started feeling our little guy at about 19 weeks... it is the most amazing feeling in the world to feel you child moving and kicking inside of you. i love it.... at 19 weeks we found out we are having a ....... BOY!!!! i wanted a girl so bad but i am now so happy to be having a little guy!

and as of this week i am in the 3rd trimester!!!!! I swear the exhaustion hit right at 27 weeks!!! i have been so tired. my weekends consist of me sleeping most of the time.

My body has changed! I have this belly that stick out I swear foot in front of me. I hit it on everything, good thing baby Brody is well protected. Yes we have decided to name our little one Brody Reed! I hope he likes his name!
My body has decided to get mad at me for growing, my ribs have decided that they want to spread and cause a constant pain! Darn small ribcage! 12 weeks and it will be all over and i will be holding our little guy!

Ron has been amazing through this whole process!!! He picked colors for Brody's room (Michigan colors) and is just being very caring, and making sure I am OK like 100 times a day. He is going to be a amazing father and I cant wait to see him with out little guy...
Wow OK I am tired just from typing this so I am going to go to bed!!!
Good Night!!! More tomorrow!!!!

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Christina said...

Your ultrasound picture is really good!!! Glad everything is going smoothly!!