Tuesday, March 18, 2008

no way that is gross!!!

So this whole pregnancy thing is still new to me, lol 28 weeks in to it. lol i am amazed everyday with some new thing that happens while you are preg. my new thing, major leakage!!! yes i said it leakage! from my chest!!! i woke up last night with a huge wet spot, I'm talking 3 in wide, on my shirt!!! and no i didn't drool. i was totally grossed out! All Ron could do was laugh about it this morning!

O and lets talk about cravings. I haven't had many but today i had a bad one that i had to fulfill. I wanted a banana split! BAD! Since I was driving i went to steak and shake and got a sip able banana split!! I wanted it so bad that i couldn't even wait to drive away from the window before i started drinking it!! The lady at the window was like " you have been wanting that all day huh" mouth full me, "mmmhummmm"

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Christina said...

Now you make me want to run to Steak & Shake!